TEDxVancouver exists for our community—one made up of lifelong learners, big thinkers, and self-educators. Tinkerers, artists, and imagineers. Shakers, movers, and makers. A tribe devoted to our place: Vancouver.

We are a 100% volunteer-run organization that is dedicated to the exploration of curiosity.

No proceeds generated from TEDxVancouver are kept; everything is spent on our events.

Our goal is to promote openness, generate conversation, and spread ideas.

To do so, we must foster an environment in which we feel safe to do so, regardless of one’s gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.

This environment is one in which we want current and future generations to embrace as it will lead to more innovation, brighter ideas, and better solutions.

We are committed to creating an equal opportunity space, regardless of income.

Along with new initiatives to provide access to underprivileged communities, disadvantaged youth, and other important community members, we will continue to distribute all TEDxVancouver videos and other properties free of charge.

Everyone at the event—attendees, speakers, performers, sponsors, and volunteers alike—must vow to maintain this inclusiveness.

If at any point you feel like someone is refusing to respect the environment we want to foster together, please let a TEDxVancouver team member know.

This commitment is living and evolving. If you would like to join the dialogue, email us at info@tedxvancouver.com, or follow us on Twitter @tedxvancouver.

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