Miriam Aroeste


July 11th, 2014

Her wild curiosity and natural sense of adventure got her to travel study and live in many different counties. Always attracted to Art she studied Cinematography in Rome, Italy where she met Fellini, Antonioni, and studied under Ettore Scuola.

Aroeste holds a Fine Art degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Her abstract themes explore a universal understanding that transcends gender, race or subject matter; it is deliberately inclusive and open. Her paintings are ultimately explorations of line, colour and gesture.

The meditative quality of Aroeste’s work goes beyond any specific association, her abstract compositions invite to create a spiritual plane for the viewer to reflect and she hopes to achieve an emotional response, which is not conceptual, but something felt on a more instinctive level. Her work is intended to be viewed as one would listen to instrumental music, without feeling a need to attach a meaning or narrative.

Miriam has exhibited in Canada, USA, France and Mexico and her work is collected locally and internationally.

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