Why We Volunteer: Meet Fiona Matalon


November 12th, 2015

Fiona Matalon is TEDxVancouver’s Catering Lead. Aligning her love for food and her passion for event planning, Fiona has organized amazing catered food for the event. Learn about why she volunteers with TEDxVancouver below.

How did you get involved with TEDx Vancouver?
I have been a huge TED Talks fan since my teenage years and have always been fascinated by the ideas as well as the speakers. My other passion is event planning, which I’ve been lucky enough to pursue as my profession. TEDx is a match made in heaven for my two greatest passions. With my experience in the industry and the awesome connections I’ve made in the years have led me to be the Catering Lead at TEDXVancouver and have made a dream come true.

What do you enjoy most about your position at TEDxVancover?
I’m the Catering Lead at TEDxVancover, responsible for feeding 3,200 people in a very short period of time. It requires a lot of brainstorming and logistical planning to come up with the best plan that will make the attendees happy by adding value to their experience of the day. I love being challenged and finding solutions while working with some of the top industry leaders.

What is your favorite TED talk?
It is very difficult for me to select one single talk in a pool of hundreds and thousands of incredible talks. The one that comes to mind first is “If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay at TED 2011.

Sarah Kay strikes me at this talk with her words and performance every time I watch it. One thing I adore the most about TED is how it provides the ground for people to come up and share their personal journeys in the best possible way and allows the viewer to get a glimpse of different lives and stories.

What speaker are you most excited about?
I’m looking forward to hearing Esther Honig talk on her social experiment on beauty; a topic that constantly concerns most of the humankind. I have read about her on social media last year and having her speak at TEDxVancouver is very exciting for me.

What is the best thing about volunteering with TEDxVancouver?
It is definitely to be working with a group of people who are all very successful in their fields and got together for the sole purpose of making TEDxVancouver an unforgettable experience. It is extremely inspiring to be around the team of dedicated volunteers working towards the same goal.

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