Why We Volunteer: Meet Nadia Mah

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November 3rd, 2015

Managing TEDxVancouver’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts this year is none other than Nadia Mah. Though it’s Nadia’s first year with the organization, she’s certainly no stranger to effective social media marketing. Learn more about why Nadia volunteers her time with TEDxVancouver.

How do you think TEDxVancouver helps progress forward thinking ideas?
Each year, TEDxVancouver inspires a room full of people to listen to brilliant speakers and thought leaders share their ideas on what they’re passionate about. That in itself is quite note-worthy. Getting people to listen is not easy, and TEDxVancouver accomplishes that. It’s a solid start. When people listen, ideas spark, conversations begin, and momentum builds.

What’s your favourite thing about Vancouver?
It’s home to my favourite people. In the summer, we jump in lakes, in the fall, we jump on bikes… It’s been interesting growing up in a growing city, so many spots make me feel nostalgic and so many spots are no longer around.

Which is your favourite TED talk? Why?
There are so many excellent TED talks, but after watching Brene Brown’s talk on The Power of Vulnerability, I really wanted to give everyone (myself included) a big bear hug. Her message on embracing vulnerability is simple and strong.

Which speaker (currently announced) are you most excited about?
I’m actually excited for all of them. At the end of last year’s TEDxVancouver conference, I was surprised by which speakers resonated with me the most; they weren’t who I originally anticipated. I love being surprised like that.

What’s the best thing about volunteering with TEDxVancouver?
At the last TEDxVancouver meeting I went to, the most asked question by individuals in the digital team was: How can I improve what I’m doing? For me, that sums up the best thing about volunteering for TEDxVancouver—the intelligent, committed, and amazing people I get the pleasure of working and learning along-side with. (Plus, Joyce, who is the blogger/copywriter/everything-in-between-go-to person for TEDxVancouver, promised to bake a pie for event day. I’m pretty stoked about that too.)

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