Bring On The Entertainment At TEDxVancouver’s Confluence


October 26th, 2012

When it comes to entertainment at “Confluence,” TEDxVancouver is bringing it up a notch this year  bringing several talented artists that will keep attendees energized and wanting more. This year’s entertainment marries old and new, traditional and contemporary.  Never before attempted mash-up performances have been arranged, choreographed and composed by The Social Concierge. Each performance is meant to stay true to the natural heritage of The Orpheum Theatre as well as accentuate a new world style.

Here is a summary of each performance sharing the stage with our 14 exceptional speakers at The Orpheum Theatre this Sunday:

Act 1

An “old world, dawning future” mash-up of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Performance includes the house Wurlitzer Organ, a DJ, a ballet dancer and live digital visual artists. This performance will “open the conference”, be the first act of the day and introduce the TEDxVancouver stage for the first time.

Organ player: Ellen Wang
DJ and Producer: SKLA
Ballet: Goh Ballet
Visuals: Stuart Ward

Act 2

Opera from the future. Beginning a cappella, a lyric baritone and classic soprano opera duet will merge mid-composition with two house tracks, contortionist hand balancers and aerial silk performers. Performance includes two opera singers, a DJ, two handstand balancers, three contortionists and a silk aerialist.

Opera Baritone: DJ Calhoun
Opera Soprano: Tiffany Desrosiers
DJ and Producer: SKLA
Silks + Circus: Inner Ring

Act 3

Electro-house violin performed live by Dr Draw with special performance painting composition byPamela Masik “’I see with music, hear in color, I paint what I feel”. In true confluent thematic, the performers will not have rehearsed and will have never met until converging on stage. Watch two incredibly talented performers create confluence for the first time.

TEDxVancouver 2012 is shaping up to be a dazzling day of inspiration, arts, entertainment and celebration at the evening Soiree. If you’ve yet to buy your ticket, there are an extremely limited number left at Act now – this year’s event will sell out.

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