TEDxVancouver 2014 to Bring Performers Who Will Tantalize All Senses

Sheldon Casavant 1

October 8th, 2014

The best thing about TEDxVancouver is not just the fantastic line-up of speakers. It’s also not just about the exotic and mind-boggling food we’re going to serve. There will also be an amazing list of performers who think outside of the box when it comes to their art.

From singers who will give you chills to illusionists who are preparing to shift your perspective, TEDxVancouver 2014 is about to shake things up.

Read on about our exciting line-up of performers:


Ali Milner


Ali Milner

Ali Milner has been compared to famous songstresses like Fiona Apple, Sara Bareilles and Estelle. Inspired by such classic artists as Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Dolly Parton, this incredible singer-pianist exhibits a rare purity and amazing vocal depth. Ali performs a repertoire of her own compositions with her band, or accompanies herself on piano.


Alex Wells
Award-winning hoop dancer Alex Wells performs at the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC’s opening reception during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games in British Columbia, Canada amongst many other events.


Blink Acro
Blink Acro is a modern circus entertainment company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Blink Acro artists bring audiences a wide variety of unique acrobatic performances, custom-designed to match your needs.


The Carnival Band
The Carnival Band is a community music project with fifteen years of history, based out of Commercial Drive’s Britannia Community Centre. Musical direction is provided by Ross Barrett and Tim Sars.

Instrumentation for the band includes all range of brass, woodwinds, drums, percussion, accordions, and of course voice.

The Carnival Band believe that in order to be effective, community music must be grounded in collaboration and empowering to each individual involved.


Kingsgate Chorus
The Kingsgate Chorus began in 2011 with four people singing in a basement suite in East Vancouver. Now with a roster of over 30 people, they have collaborated with many local bands, sung at festivals, and raised money for local charities.




Omar Khan
Omar Khan is a veritable artist. The self-taught musician, singer, songwriter, producer and photographer has been honing his craft for years and is now set to release his debut single and record. His music takes you on a journey, sifting through genres of Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and folk seamlessly.
Currently Omar is preparing the release for his upcoming single, “The Getaway” produced by Chin Injeti.


Sheldon Casavant
Sheldon Casavant isn’t your everyday magician. He utilizes interactive sleight-of-hand magic to blur the lines between imagination and reality. Recognized as one of Canada’s most sought after performers, Sheldon was nominated as Entertainer of the Year in 2009 and 2010 by the Canadian Events Industry Awards.

From intimate gatherings to audiences in excess of 25,000 people, Sheldon’s contemporary style of magic has been appreciated at events around the world.


Skylab Sounds
Skyla J and Oz are a Husband and Wife team that have been making music together for over 14 years. By all accounts, they would be considered veterans in the world-wide electronic music community. Since their mainstage debut at the world famous Montreal Jazz Festival in the summer of 1999 and signing to Formation Records UK in 2005 as GREENLAW their critically acclaimed, eclectic style has taken them around the globe.


Spectrum was formed back in 2010 when founder Ben Smith was brought on as a consultant for the opening, closing and victory ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Ben led the Spectrum team to Gold; designing, manufacturing and programming effects & pyrotechnics for one of the countries largest productions.

Ben’s extensive background allowed him to launch Spectrum Collective with a partner. The Spectrum team believes its not enough to simply light the stage, but to bring everything on that stage to life!


Tegan Wahlgren
Tegan Wahlgren is a vocalist, violinist, and music composition student from Vancouver. She makes music on her computer, alone, in her room.




Tonye Aganaba
Tonye Aganaba is a sultry singer-songwriter born in London, England and raised in Northern Canada. Now based in Vancouver B.C., she has lent her voice to a collection of recordings spanning multiple genres of music such as Electro-House, Dubstep, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B.


Vitaly Beckman
Vitaly is a world-class illusionist, known for his original illusions such as erasing faces from driver’s licenses or causing a paintbrush to paint on it’s own.

Vitaly’s fascination with the potential of magic was stirred by David Copperfield at age 14. After wowing friends and family with his seemingly impossible illusions, Vitaly’s ability to create new and imaginative acts led him to realize his love for the stage show. Since coming to British Columbia in 2008, he has been amazing audiences far-and-wide.


Wes Mackey
Asked to describe his style of music, Wes Mackey’s first instinct is to say “diverse.” When pressed, he says it can best be described as “contemporary blues.” He is influenced by Wes Montgomery, traditional blues, R&B and downright necessity.

A warm, wise and funny guy, he’s worked hard at his craft in spite of the obstacles, and if anyone deserves success, without a doubt it’s the gritty “Bluesman,” also known as Wes Mackey.


Get ready for some of the most exciting performances at this year’s TEDxVancouver. For tickets, please visit http://localhost.tedxvancouver.com/event-tickets/.

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