TEDxVancouver 2014 to Showcase Stunning Works by Local Visual Artists


October 14th, 2014

TEDxVancouver is happening this week, and along with our amazing line-up of speakers and performers, there’ll be a number of beautiful pieces of artwork that were created thinking outside of the box, courtesy of some local visual artists.

Curated by Drew Young, the curator and coordinator for Snag, a weekly live-painting exhibition that focuses on illumination Vancouver’s alternative arts culture, these works of art will shift your perspective.

Read on about some of the pieces as well as the talented artists behind them.


About the curator
Drew Young currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied at The Victoria College or Art and received his diploma in Illustration and Applied Arts (IDEA) at Capilano University. Young is internationally exhibited with shows in LA (Thinkspace Gallery), SF (Gauntlet Gallery), Tokyo (Amp), London (Rook and Raven), NYC (Re:Form Projects), Bogota (Come Together) and featured by Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Booooooom.com, Supersonicelectronic and BlueCanvas. Young is the youngest instructor for the Federation of Canadian Artists and also teaches Commercial Illustration at Langara College. His painting accolades have brought him many curatorial opportunities in recent years. He’s the Visual Arts curator for TEDxVancouver as well as curator/coordinator for Snag—a weekly live-painting exhibition focused on illuminating Vancouver’s alternative arts culture. @drewstuff




Harmonograph Swingset
A mechanical apparatus that employs pendulums to create a geometric image.

This scientific instrument was used during the nineteenth century as an introduction to the evolution of basic harmonic theory. A simple, so-called “lateral” harmonograph uses two pendulums to control the movement of a pen relative to a drawing surface. One pendulum moves the pen back and forth along one axis and the other pendulum moves the drawing surface back and forth along a perpendicular axis. By varying the frequency and phase of the pendulums relative to one another, different patterns are created. The harmonograph combines the two vibrations into a single drawing, just as two musical tones sounded together produce a single complex sound. This drawing (harmonogram) is a visual representation of musical harmonies, linking sight and sound.

The Harmonograph Swingset brings an interactive experience as the pendulum base uses a person’s weight to power the momentum of each swinging pendulum.

Contributing artists:
Carley Stadelmann
A Toronto native, Carley relocated to the westcoast of Canada in 2010. Since arriving, this creative individual has established herself in the community, pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be “art”. With a wide ranging palette, from tessellation art to interactive installations, Carley’s work embodies the word “creative”. Look forward to hearing more about her in the future.
http://cargocollective.com/carleyonly or www.alleycatjewelry.net

Christian Honetschlager
I grew up in the hobby industry. My first hobby was disassembling anything I could get my hands on; vacuums, lawn mowers, old appliances and computers. Understanding how things work is a passion for me. No project too big or small, just as long as it’s a challenge. These day’s I’m part owner of a vintage/antique store in Chinatown and fabricate custom lighting, furniture and just about anything else.

Jeremy Wong
With a strong background in graffiti art, Jeremy has literally left his mark in the City of Vancouver. This creative mind uses the city as a breathing canvas to display his art. Street art/graffiti has given Jeremy numerous opportunities to present his work in a professional manner as well. Some of which include: the 2010 Olympics closing ceremonies, TedX Vancouver 2012 and Emily Carr University. Look forward to seeing and hearing more work from Jeremy in the future.




Wood Mosaic
Our mission as artists is simple: we seek to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, opening the eyes of our audience to new perspectives. It all begins and ends with the eye, the window into our consciousness. When we stare up into the vastness of the universe outstretched before us, we often begin to understand the expanse we are a part of. And when we look deep into the eyes of other beings, we become aware of a universe within that consciousness as well.

Connections are part of the nature of reality. Each atom and every person is but a piece in the bigger picture of our universe. Each of us is a piece of a puzzle. Every piece is necessary in our attempt to comprehend the bigger picture.

As we joined each piece of culled wood to form the eye, we began to see the greater picture;

We took something that had been overlooked and transformed it into something that tilts your perspective

We would like to extend our gratitude to Dave Philpott for donating the materials and tools for the development of this project. We would also like to thank Dave Martens for letting us use his facilities.

Contributing artists:
Brayden Eshuis
Brayden Eshuis is a Fraser Valley based artist. He has training in design and illustration from Capilano University’s IDEA program. He also studied classical, anatomical drawing, painting and sculpture from The Art Student’s League of New York.

He fuses his interests in realism and anatomy in a large range of mediums. His passion for the beauty and complexity of geometry, physics, and biology has a fundamental influence in his work. (@braydeneshuis)

Cody Philpott
Cody Philpott is a fine artist, freelance illustrator and graphic designer based out of North Vancouver. Upon completing a BA from Thompson Rivers University in 2009, Cody moved to Kyoto, where he became immensely inspired by traditional Japanese art and culture. In 2011, he returned to Canada to attend the IDEA Program at Capilano University and pursue a career as a professional freelance artist. The wide range of subject matter and mediums he implements seeks to fuse old and new, with accuracy, balance and movement at its core.




Artifact is an 180° generative projection environment populated by 3D-captured ‘artifacts’ – a global sample of an increasingly immersive and persistent digital culture. Clusters of scan data disintegrate and fragment slowly over time, as they drift through a digital wasteland reminiscent of the north-pacific plastic gyre.

Three channels of randomized video loops are mixed in real-time, allowing for continual recombination defined by the process of simultaneous accumulation and degradation. Alternating and offset loops create an environment in which unexpected moments arise. The projected image exists now and never again.

As digital culture produces an ever-increasing amount of data, so does the necessary infrastructure grow silently to house it. With appropriated content and redundant copies drifting across the online world, digital debris remain long after their meaning fades—sustained on a life support of energy-powered networks.

Contributing artists:
Jonny Ostrem
Jonny Ostrem is a visual artist from Tucson, AZ. Ostrem’s CG work explores entropy as a common thread in the extremes of realism and abstraction. At one end, he uses simulation and randomness as tools for generating true to life spaces – replicating the interplay of light, texture and disorder in pursuit of photographic realism. At the other end, the same tools are used to form abstract visual ecosystems that thrive on the influence of chaos, growing organically and unpredictably.

In 2014 Ostrem performed at New Forms Festival, live-mixing visual environments to accompany six international guest musicians on the festival’s main stage. In 2013 he worked with the National Film Board and Vancouver artist Stan Douglas on the iOS app Circa 1948 and the accompanying play Helen Lawrence. Ostrem has won a Leo Award in 2012 for Best Visual Effects in a Short Drama with Gloo Studios, and his experimental animation has been shown across Canada, including in the 2010 Ottawa International Animation Festival, the 2010 GIRAF Film Festival, Calgary and Les sommets du cinéma d’animation de Montréal 2010.


Live-Painting Mashup


Vancouver has the highest artist concentration per capita across the country. We’re sitting on a hotbed. Today’s top tier cross-section features 10 of Vancouver’s most competetiive illustrative and representational talents. They’ve been paired off on all floors to work collaboratively on 2 separate panels through out the day. Built on rotating easels; the panels are spun every 30 minutes into their collaborator’s control. Over the course of the day the pairs race to find balance and order between their varying styles. These groups are leaders in their own right, though all illustrious with a consistent voice, all have gained their discipline and accolades from a spectrum of commercial environments and alterntative practices; tattoo shops, graffiti/street art, graphic design firms, animation studios, apparel design companies, freelance illustration, comics and motion graphics.

Contributing artists and their mashup pairing:
James Knight (fourhundredml.com | @fourhundredml) with Devitt Brown (The Dark)
Peter Ricq (www.Peterricq.com | @pricq) with Ola Volo (www.olavola.com | @olavolo)
Amancay Nahuelpan (www.annbonline.com | @annbonline) with Peter Gikandi (http://www.oneminja.com)
Mandy Tsung (http://mandytsung.tumblr.com/ | @Mandytsung) with TerbyWonder (http://terbywonder.tumblr.com/ | @terbywonder)
Nomi Chi (www-nomi-chi.com | @Nomi_chi) with Colin Moore (www.illustratemoore.com | @illustratemoore)




Stage sculptures


This year’s stage sculptures were designed and built by contemporary sculptor Aaron
Gullmes. These pieces were designed to not dominate but to compliment to their grid-like
surroundings. Using red fir, their forms create rhythm guiding the viewer’s eyes smoothly
across the stage and onto the speaker. The material itself changes shape after each
succession—creating free-standing pieces that evoke a sense of growth and
self-sustainability. www.facebook.com/agcreativedesign


Mapping the Illustrator


Polymorphism: The condition of occurring in several different forms.

Using this unique state as an inspiration point, the purpose of this piece is to create a composite artwork that fuses traditional painting with elements of digital media. The static mural is used as a projection surface for kinetic animation, and as the patron observes, fleeting connotations of constancy and ephemerality blur together.

Although the overall architecture of the artwork remains consistent, fragments within it are ever-evolving, breathing a new life into the piece with each passing moment. In the blink of an eye, what was no longer is, all while remaining true to it’s original self.

Contributing artists:
Tim Barnard
Tim Barnard spent most of his youth in Western North America absorbing the frontier lifestyle and developing a hard edge approach to linework that speaks of contemporary art, historical muralism, psychedelic comics and old school punk and skateboard graphics. Tim has lived and worked in the Yukon, Mexico, Calgary, Montreal, and New York over the last decade establishing himself professionally as an illustrator, muralist, and fine artist. He is currently based in Vancouver, BC.
www.timbarnard.com @timbarnardart

Josh Paul
Josh Paul is a graphic artist, illustrator and motion graphics artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having spent years honing and practicing his illustrative skills as a freelance artist, he joined forces with INEO Studios as an artistic director in 2012 and began tinkering with the idea of adding motion and light to his visual designs. The result has been an ongoing collaboration of static imagery and motion graphics to bring life to multi-dimensional surfaces and objects in both virtual and real space. A passionate and creative individual dedicated to furthering his understanding and command of visual art; Josh strives to be a leader and contributor to his field of visual arts, and loves to collaborate in any available capacity therein.
http://stout-artlab.tumblr.com or http://www.enterineo.com

David Ullock
I think & teem,
create & dream;
To feel the stream
beneath my feet.


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