There’s An All-New Venue for TEDxVancouver

Image via The Arena Network / Photo by Jeff Vinnick/CSE

September 15th, 2015

After the success we met with last year’s TEDxVancouver event, we decided to shake things up this year.

One of the biggest changes to this year’s event is the venue.

We’re excited to announce that TEDxVancouver 2015 will be held at the theatre at Rogers Arena sponsored by Aquilini Centre.

The event will change what you understand to be a “stadium experience.” Customizing the arena to accommodate something as grand as what we have planned, featuring delectable local food, thought-provoking art, and a better networking experience, we’ll still be maintaining that intimate feeling that have made the past TEDxVancouver events so special.

The arena was also chosen because of its location. Surrounding Rogers Arena is an evolving neighbourhood, having seen some major changes in the past few years, with many more to come looking forward.

It’s at the core of something exciting and electric, and its own identity is in the midst of a transformation.

Rogers Arena was built in 1995 and celebrates its 20th year as one of the most important facilities in Vancouver this year. It’s home to the Vancouver Canucks and hosted events during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

TEDxVancouver 2015 will be held on Saturday, November 14 at the theatre at Rogers Arena sponsored by Aquilini Centre. For more information, please click here.

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