TEDxVancouver Answers All Your Questions About Tickets for This Year’s Event


August 30th, 2014

How do I purchase a ticket to TEDxVancouver?

If you…

… have an invitation email from TEDxVancouver:
1. Click the link in the email to visit localhost.tedxvancouver.com
2. Complete the Poll
3. Continue to the ticketing order form and select up to 2 tickets. Provide your billing email or Login with Facebook.
4. Continue the checkout process as instructed. Provide billing information only (email, address, credit card info), NOT ticket recipient information. You will have a chance to transfer your 2nd ticket (if purchased) and/or sponsor tickets after payment has been finalized.


… do not have an invitation email from TEDxVancouver:
Please Request Tickets online via: https://guestmanager.com/forms/6575. You will receive an email from us as soon as tickets are available.


The event page says “Invitation Required.” What do I do?
Our initial release of tickets is by invitation only. If you have received an invitation by email, please follow the instructions provided there. If you did not receive an invitation email, then please go to https://guestmanager.com/forms/6575 to request tickets for Phase 2. You will receive an email from us as soon as tickets are available.

If you are sure you’ve received an invite, but still cannot continue to the ticket checkout, please email support@guestmanager.com. In your email, be sure to include the invitation email you received from TEDxVancouver and also the email address of the account you are currently logged into (where it says “Invitation Required”).


I took the TILT Poll again, but now it’s saying “Having trouble? Contact support.”
This means you have answered our poll, but did not purchase tickets in the same sitting. Please forward your invitation email to support@guestmanager.com and let us know of the issue. We will provide you a checkout link for your invitation.


I did not receive an Order Confirmation Email or I cannot find my tickets.
Please search your email inbox for support@guestmanager.com. Be sure to check inside Spam and Promotion folders. Still can’t find it? Try logging into your ticket account at http://guestmanager.com/login. You may need to use the “Forgot Password” link. Still nothing? Please email our support, and include any relevant information such as your order number, invite email, name, and email address.


What are your payment options?
We accept both Interac Online (RBC, Scotia Bank, BMO, TD) and Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX).


Can I order by phone?
Because our event is by Invitation Only, you must follow the instructions in the email from TEDxVancouver to purchase your ticket. Orders can only be accepted online—not by phone.


Can I buy tickets in person or at a box office?
No. Tickets are only available online. Please see our website for further information.


Are there refunds?
All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. In the event that TEDxVancouver is canceled – refunds will be issued automatically.


How are my tickets delivered?
All tickets are sent electronically by email to the billing email address provided during checkout. You will be issued a single barcode that is valid for all of your tickets.


What do I need to bring to get into the event?
You need to bring your barcode. Our ticketing system issues you one barcode per person. If you have 2 tickets on your account, then that barcode is valid for both tickets. If you transfer one of your tickets, then your barcode becomes only valid for 1 ticket – and the transferee will be issued their own barcode.


Can I buy more than two tickets?
Please contact our group ticket sales department: tickets@localhost.tedxvancouver.com


Can I bring my barcode on my phone?
Yes! Please do. You do not need to print out your barcode.


How can I ensure my barcode is still valid?
You may log into your ticket account at http://guestmanager.com/login. All of your tickets are listed there. Click “Send me my barcode” to get emailed a fresh copy.


What will appear on my credit card statement?

The charge will appear as “CCGM.CO*TEDxVancouver.”


How do I transfer a ticket?

Log into your ticket account. You can get to your ticket account 1 of 2 ways:

1. Order Confirmation Email

  • Search your email inbox (from the email address you purchased tickets with) for “support@guestmanager.com” or “Your Order Confirmation: TEDx Vancouver”.
  • Click the red “View Your Tickets” link from inside that email

2. Visiting http://guestmanager.com/login

  • If you know your email and password used when buying your tickets, enter that here. If you logged in with Facebook to buy your ticket, choose that option.
  • If you do not remember your password, please click “Forgot Password.”

After logging in successfully, you will be at the following URL: http://guestmanager.com/me/tickets

If you are logged into the correct account, then you will see your upcoming events listed, with TEDxVancouver as the first.

Next to that, each of your tickets are listed along with a Green Transfer Button.

Click the green transfer button to being the transfer process.Simply provide the Email and Name of the recipient. Then, click Transfer.


What happens next?
Our system sends an email to the recipient with instructions on how to proceed. Please follow up with your friend to make sure they receive this email and take action to pickup their ticket. The ticket will not be valid until the recipient clicks the link in the email, completes the poll, and clicks “Accept” on the ticket.


How do I sponsor a friend so they can purchase tickets?
1. Follow the same instructions above to log into your ticket account.
2. Instead of clicking the green Transfer Button, look for the purple Sponsor Friend button.
3. Provide up to 2 email addresses in the form and press submit.
4. That’s it! We will send your friends an email as soon as tickets become available.


I cannot log in.
Please contact support immediately with the email address you used to purchase a ticket, your invitation email from TEDxVancouver, and any other pertinent information such as your Order Number (begins with GM…), last 4 digits of your credit card, etc.


My ticket account does not have any tickets!
You may be logged into the wrong account. Click “Update my account info” link to see who you are logged in as. Log out if necessary and try logging in with either Facebook or a different email address.


I typed the email address wrong when transferring the ticket!
Again, please contact support by either emailing us or clicking the red live chat support window at the bottom right of your screen. We will assist you by transferring the ticket back to your account so you can try again.


The person I transferred the ticket to did not receive an email.
Have them check their Spam and Promotions folder. If that doesn’t work, contact support and we will assist in resending that email.

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