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TEDxVancouver Community and Partners

September 25th, 2014

While we have a great team that sacrifices their own time to grow this wonderful initiative, we also require funding to put on this all-day event. Much of our funding comes from community sponsors and we are proud to have Telus as our Presenting Sponsor. Without their support, the show could not possibly go on. You can also get to know our other sponsors and partners that help to make our event and team what it is.


Not many read the “About” section on the TEDxVancouver site, and we understand—”About” sections can be quite dry. But we also want you to know that we are unlike many other conferences.


TEDxVancouver is a community initiative: its goal is to bring together like-minded people and build a community, while generating thought-provoking discussions. We are a non-profit organization, kept alive thanks to our wonderful volunteers. Not even TEDxVancouver’s President makes a dime off of our event. It is community-oriented and we are Vancouver, through and through.


Here’s to the all-hands-on-deck mindset and this incredible community we are trying to build. This year’s TEDxVancouver event is going to be a good one. Tickets for this year’s event are now available here.

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