The Anticipation Grows: TEDxVancovuer Announces Three More Speakers


October 1st, 2014

VANCOUVER, B.C., October 1, 2014—In just over two weeks’ time, the fifth TEDxVancouver will finally be taking place, and in anticipation of the event, we are excited to unveil another set of speakers who will join our previously announced speakers on stage at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Read about Jeff Mudgett, Coleen Christie, and Dr. Terry Pearson below.

October 18 could not come any sooner.


Jeff Mudgett: Jeff Mudgett was a sailor, lawyer in both California and Washington States and a tug and barge business entrepreneur. That is until one fateful night, when his Grandfather, at dinner, revealed to the family the horrible secret he’d kept to himself his entire life—Jeff’s Great Great Grandfather had been Dr. Herman Webster Mudgett. Better known as H.H. Holmes. The devil of the White City. The evil genius who murdered untold scores while operating the notorious Murder Castle in Chicago during the 1893 World’s Fair. Perhaps the singularly most evil man to ever live.

Unable to continue with such a cloud hanging over his head, Jeff set his business life aside, instead dedicating himself to researching the infamous legend, spending every ounce of his being attempting to disprove the tale. Unfortunately, not only was the terrible story true, but Jeff’s research quickly revealed there was far more to the horror than had ever previously seen the light of day, including the discovery of credible evidence concerning the identity of Jack the Ripper. Instead of running away from this terrible legacy, Mr. Mudgett decided to tell the world.


Coleen Christie: Coleen Christie is the anchor of CTV News. Coleen’s diverse television experience, including working for the CTV network and in her early career as a producer and creative director, has earned her numerous awards. Beginning her career in 1997 as reporter where she rose into the anchor position.

For over a decade, she has anchored a nightly television news broadcast, empowering viewers with information and connecting them to issues that matter and to each other. Coleen brings a life of journalistic experience from behind the camera to the stage to shed light on the consumption of media in the Information Age.


Dr. Terry Pearson: Dr. Terry Pearson, a professor, medical industry entrepreneur, and disease diagnosis specialist whose revolutionary approach of capturing more personalized medical data could alter the face of diagnostic medicine in the very near future. Dr. Pearson and his colleagues are about to change the way we view and monitor our health. By combining ground-breaking biotechnology and cost effective diagnostic testing using a single drop of blood, the team is able to capture more personalized medical data that will facilitate much more meaningful analysis. It’s a revolutionary approach that could alter the face of medicine in the very near future.

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